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We are exclusive importers to the UK from several boutique vineyards across France and provide a wide range of wines each with a unique story and palate.

Here is a selection of our favourites. We’re always discovering new wines and will tell the stories of where they came from here.

Chateau Laborde:

Chateau Laborde LogoChateau Laborde is a family run vineyard with 15 hectares on the Laborde grounds and a further 8 hectares on the Lalande Pomerol appellation. The soil of Lalande de Pomerol is among the elite of the vineyards of the River Seine and its sandy gravel soils with traces of iron oxide produce balanced wines of great quality and finesse.

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Chateau Camplazens:

A boutique vineyard in the heart of Languedoc in Southern France, Chateau Camplazens is one of our favourites. Climatic conditions are ideal and being the highest of any part of the Northern Mediterranean, the vines enjoy over 3000 hours of sunshine annually,

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Domaine Caihol Gautran:

Caihol LogoFour generations of wine-growers have succeeded each other on the Caihol Gautran family estate. Originally, all the work on the 7 hectare domaine was done by hand, with only horses supplementing human labour.  In 1967, Christian Gautran, the third generation, bought the very first tractor and the estate grew to what it is today.

Ten years ago, Jeanne and Christian Gautran handed over the running of the estate to their son Nicolas who with his wife Olivia, is committed to sharing the family’s passion for wine.

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Domaine de Familongue:

Familongue LogoThe vines of this domaine are located 30 km west from Montpellier, in  the village of “Saint André de Sangonis” on well drained soil where the grapes are bursting with the smell of “garrigue” and are ripened under the Languedoc sun.

Martine and Jean Luc Quinquarlet are passionate about their wines and we hold a good selection in the shop, including red, white and rosé.

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Les Vignerons de Roquemaure:

Vignerons Rocca Maure LogoNestled in the heart of the Rhone Valley in the easternmost part of the Gard department, you’ll find the cellar of Rocca Maura.  The cellar dates back to 1922, when winegrowers from the surrounding villages decided to forget their differences and share their resources. Today sixty vintners from nine villages bring their harvests to the cellar and work together to produce some outstanding wines. Only grapes from the highest-quality vines are used and they are all inspected every year before the harvest to ensure such standard is maintained.

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